Turtle Flower Bead
Turtle Flower Bead
Turtle Flower Bead
Turtle Flower Bead

Turtle Flower Bead

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You need to slow down to be able to admire the beauty around us. 

“I have always loved turtles. Every time I go to a new city or on holiday, I search for something like a pendant or a little figure that shows a turtle. Well ... my house is full of turtles!

I found the inspiration for my design from a holiday in Sharm el Sheik, where I was on a boat trip. I was snorkelling, and I hoped to see a turtle...that was my dream. Three excursions were planned that day. During the first and the second excursions, I saw many beautiful fish but no turtles. On the third excursion I had almost given up hope. And just there I saw an amazing sea turtle that was swimming next to me! I was so excited that I could not move. It looked like the turtle was dancing, as a flower cradled by the wind. “ - Giada Manfredi 

Please note: The price is only for the bead.

People's Bead Winner 2019.


  • Item number: TAGBE-40115
  • Designer: Giada Manfredi
  • Main material: Silver 925


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